The Winebus in Grupo de Bodegas Yllera and Medina del Campo, Saturday March 9.


We are going again to a winery in Rueda. We are going to Grupo de Bodegas Yllera which is an spectacular winery. It is a double visit actually. On the one hand a visit to the facilities of winemaking of white wine of Rueda DO and then the red Yllera. Both wines are excepctional. And if we add to that, a spectacular winery and an a very attractive speech, the result is wonderful. Bodegas del Grupo Yllera are pioneers in many things in the world of wine and we will realize about it during the visit.

More images of the winery of Bodegas del Grupo Yllera

The wines are pretty good but the winery is at the same level. We will visit the modern facilities they have 1 mile from Rueda, to turn back afterwards to visit the old winery, just in the middle of town with a wonderful story about “EL Hilo de Ariadna” We go down 20 meteres deep to relate the Greek mythology to the world of wine.

Castillo de la Mota

After the visit we will go to Medina del Campo to have some tapas (fixed price (optional), no more than 20 euros) And after lunch we will see the Castle of la Mota and the Museum “de las Ferias” . We are what we are because in the Middle Age there were cities like Medina del Campo that that facilitated trade. On the Museum “de las Ferias” they will explain it to us very well.

This is the program

10 h Departure from Madrid (Plaza del Conde de Casal)

12 h Visit to Bodegas del Grupo Ylletra (Rueda, Valladolid)(New facilities, Bodega laberinto “El Hilo de Ariadna” Tasting of 3 of their wines.

14 h End of the visit

14.15 h Having tapas in Medina del Campo (fixed price 20 euros) (not included in the price of the trip)

16 h Visit to the castle of la Mota and the Museum of las Ferias.

18 h End of the guided visit and departure to Madrid.

20 h Arrival to Madrid.

Do you join us?

To pay, you can do it with a transfer with a previous email to , or calling to 630 099 630 or through

Museo de las Ferias

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