We are making a wine tour to Finca Constancia and Toledo

We are making a wine tour to Finca Constancia and Toledo on Saturday September 14

This winery is on the road to Extremadura 60 miles from Madrid.

We have been on other occasions on this winery. There are several things that attract attention when visiting. This encourages us to repeat.

On one side this is a winery that belongs to the González Byass Group. This group knows a lot on wines and wine tourism in Spain. They have done in Bodegas Constacia something which is becoming a trend and is changing the image of wines of Castilla la Mancha in the world.

They have realized that Castilla la Mancha has wonderful conditions for winemaking. So they created a winery in Otero (Toledo). They have collected all the experience and know how of the group when creating this new generation winery. A very modern and attractive design. They are energy efficient and very respectful with the environment (water treatment, use of natural light)

The winery is in the midst of a spectacular vineyard in which the visitors have to go through when visiting the winery.

We are now in harvest and therefore on the best moment to visit any winery that has nice vineyards. They have 200 hectares of vineyard in which they have planted very different type of grapes. For more information visit.   Finca Constancia

In Finca Constacia they are visitor oriented. Everyone who goes gets delighted.

We will taste at least 3 of their wines.

To see that huge vineyard with these cutting edge facilities, learn the history of the winery and taste their wines is an fantastic experience.

Then we will go to a nearby restaurant in Puebla de Montalbán where we will have a menu that will no cost more than 15 euros. Then we go to Toledo to visit the Museum del Greco, The Burial of Conde de Orgaz and an exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci the inventor.

After all that we will take road to Madrid, having an intense day.

This is the program

11,45 h We get out from Madrid (Cafetería, Hotel Claridge) (Plaza del Conde de Casal)

13 h Visit Bodega Finca Constancia de González Byass and tasting at least 3 of their wines.

14,30 h End of the visit

15,15h Lunch in la Puebla de Montalbán. (15 euros)

17,30 h Visit of Museo del Greco. Exhibition of Leonardo Da Vinci. The Inventor.

20,30 h We go back to Madrid.

21,30 h Arrival to Madrid, Hotel Claridge, Plaza del Conde de Casal.

We are waiting for you


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