We make a wine tour to Bodegas Casa del Valle and Campo de Criptana on December Saturday 14

Bodegas Casa del Valle 2

Price of the trip 54 euros. To pay, you can do it with a transfer with a previous email to igsegma@gmail.com  , or calling to 630 099 630. There are discounts for groups and members of the Winebus Club (4 persons or more)

We go to Casa del Valle Winery. What a winery of the Olarra group!!! It is located in Yepes, 40 miles from Madrid, with amazing wines, with a remarkable speech at the winery, with a beautiful vineyard just beside the winery and very attractive facilities.

These are the wines that we are going to taste: Hacienda Casa del Valle Shiraz, Hacienda casa del Valle Cabernet Sauvignon and Finca Valdelagua. And these are the wines that we will take in the tasting. Hacienda Casa del Valle Shiraz, Hacienda Casa del Valle Cabernet Sauvignon, Finca Valdelagua

Then there is Jose Fuentes the winery wine tourism responsible that is going to do the best of himself for telling us how this group has taken advantage of its experience to design and create this winery. Jose´s speech is very solid and there is something very nice on this visit that you will appreciate that do not happen to often on the visit to other wineries. I am talking about visiting the vineyard. Everybody agrees that the key to have a good wine is obtained, from what is done in the vineyard. It is an act of recognition that the visit begins in the vineyard.

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From there we will go to have lunch at El Toboso, the village where Doña Dulcinea, Don Quixote´s beloved, was born. We will enjoy a menu of 22 euros and we will have the typical manchego food. After we will make a promenade on this beautiful village, and then we will go to Campo de Criptana to visit its famous windmills.

There is refrain that says “Quien no ha visto Graná, no ha visto ná” Who has not seen Granada has seen nothing. This also happens with Campo de Criptana. If you have not visited this you don’t know how beautiful La Mancha can be. And we will see it on the sunset, from a hill that domains the vast plain of La Mancha.

At around 18 h we will go back to Madrid and we will arrive at 20h.

This is the program of the day:

10,45 h Departure from Madrid ( Hotel Claridge Cafetería, Plaza del Conde de Casal)

12 h Visit to Casa del Valle Winery and tasting of 3 wines.

14 h End of the visit to the winery.

15 h Lunch in a restaurant of El Toboso (22 euros. Lunch price is optional and not included on the reserve)

16,45 h Visit to the Windmills of Campo de Criptana.

18 h End of the visit to Campo de Criptana

20 h Arrival to Madrid.

We are waiting for you.

Price of the trip 54 euros. To pay, you can do it with a transfer with a previous email to igsegma@gmail.com  , or calling to 630 099 630. There are discounts for groups and members of the Winebus Club (4 persons or more).

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