Black on the outside, red on the inside. Bodegas Finca Rio Negro

Bodega Finca Río Negro

In the foothills of Sierra de Ayllón, very closed to the villages known as “La Arquitectura Negra” “Black Architrecture”  is located Bodegas Finca Río Negro, with a total of 42 hectares of vineyards at over 1000 metres altitude, surrounded forests of oak, pine and scrubland that completely defies the traditional boundaries of culture of wine.


With a focus set on the release of selected and fully diffferentiated wines from other producers in the area, undoubtedly it is interesting its bet for the Gewürztraminer, a typical variety of countries such as Germany and Austria. The most outstanding is to realize how this kind of grape has adapted  to the great thermal contrasts obtained in Castilla la Mancha with a fabulous behavior. The result is a fresh wine, very aromatic, but also extremely estructurated and perfect body that can be a perfect begining to the coming summer.

They exploit with the most modern technologies, respecting at the same time the traditional family winemaking, taking the full potential  of each vine and taking care each of each of the mixtures before selling the final product.

In summary, an original alternative to large and well known wineries from la Mancha in wich it is as black on the outside as it is red on the inside. 


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