Among the candles in Pedraza with a glass of wine in hand.

DSC_0153We didn’t arrive in time to see the sunset from Pedraza, but it was only because we were enjoying ourselves so much at Bodegas Ismael Arroyo that we weren’t able to leave in time. For this reason, the sunset surprised us about 10km out from Pedraza. The sky was so full of color that my first thought was that it was no longer a sunset, but some other phenomenon, and I was left mesmerized by the sight. Soon after, the moon made its magnificent appearance right in front of the entrance to Pedraza. It was there where we had luck finding a space to pour a few glasses of perfectly chilled white wine; where we could enjoy this incredible moon, in the best spot, in the best of company, and with a glass in our hand. What happened yesterday on the Wine Bus tour is similar to how I feel when I hear the song “Fiesta” by Juan Manuel Serrat, and yesterday was truly a “fiesta”. I will remember this day for many times to come. There are people who say they like the night, and I always say that I like the day and night, just like this past Saturday. It was an incredible night, and its nights like these that we wait for in the Wine Bus during the months of July and August.

Pedraza en las velas 2



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