Saturday February 21 to Bodegas Mont-Reaga and the windmills of la Mota del Cuervo


Every time we go south from Madrid with the Winebus, we go looking for different other things than when going north.

That does not mean the tour is less ambitious. On this case we go to a winery that permitted us to do one of the most attractive tours we have done this last fall. We refer to Bodegas Mont-Reaga. A good blogger friend made a fantastic crhonic about the tour (In Spanish) The title of the crhonic was: Cucharete disfrutó del Campeonato Mundial de Combate Medieval gracias al Winebus. (I am sorry its in Spanish). On that time we had a wonderful tour for many reasons, the winery, what happened in the the castle of Belmonte with the Medieval Worldchampionship Combat. After the Medieval Combat we went to the windmills of la Mota del Cuervo. With that additional stop we made the tour even better. Because we could have the possibility to look at the sunset with a glass of wine in hand. That tour influenced me so much that my look upon la Mancha has changed since then a lot. I am in love with La Mancha, its wineries, its castles, its windmills, and don Quixote spirit which is all around.

When I was a kid I was not a fan of don Quixote. In the school they forced me to read the Cervantes´s book. That is not the way of getting in love with something. I have learned to love it many years later, mainly when I see the foreigners reaction when I take them to see the windmills and La Mancha.

After one of these tours I received a wonderful email of a young American woman who said to me this…“Thank you for the tour. I will dream for days to come on the windmills, Don Quixote and the wines. I believe that people who come to the Winebus do learn and enjoy a lot, but we also do.

On this case we do the tour a different way.

The first thing we do is to be present during the grinding of the windmills. Then we go to the winery. On this winery one difference is they receive us during the visit with a glass of wine in hand. That might be not important but the funny thing is that they almost anybody do that in other places. And we love this detail because we believe that everything looks better with a glass in hand. So, well done.

The visit to this winery is spectacular because of its facilities, its wines, its speech. We are sure we will have a very good time.

From there we will go to have lunch to La Mota del Cuervo in a place where they treat us perfectly. Afterwards we go to make a guided visit to the windmills. If we have spare time we will also visit the Alfarería Museum that shows us how life was on this area until 50 years ago.

If the wheather is good the visit could be something unforgettable if we can finish with a nice sunset from the windmills hills.

This is the program.

9,45 h Depart from Madrid (Cafetería Hotel Claridge, Plaza del Conde de Casal).

11,15 h Visit of the grinding on the windmills of la Mota del Cuervo.

12 h Visit of the winery. Tasting of its wines.

14,15 h Lunch in La Mota del Cuervo (Price aditional 20 euros, optional)

16 h guided visit to the windmills of la Mota del Cuervo

18 h Depart to Madrid.

18,46 h Sunset.

19,45 h Arrival to Madrid (Cafetería Hotel Claridge, Plaza del Conde de Casal).


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