Saturday May 16 to Finca La Estacada and la Ciudad Encantada

Finca La Estacada 4

We go to Finca la Estacada in Tarancón. You never get disappointed when you visit this winery
Finca La Estacada might be the winery that has better understood the possibilities of the wine tourism. Around the winery they have a hotel, a Spa and a wonderful restaurant with magnificent views of the vineyard. This winery belongs to Ucles Denomination of Origin, which is compound of 5 wineries only.

After the visit we move to Cuenca. On the way we expect to open a debate about the Marketing strategy of this winery and the quality of its wines. I expect we will enjoy and learn as much as during the visit.

Its philosophy is to offer to the visitor different options of leisure. So many visitors decide not to move from their facilities while they spend a weekend at the hotel.

We will visit its winery, built no longer than 15 years. We will see during the visit that there are many aspects in which they have differenciated themselves from their competitors. What is key for the wine sector is among others: quality of the wines, brand, differentiation and personality.

We will taste two of their wines. One red wine and one white wine.

From there we go to visit 2 of the the most attractive places in the province of Cuenca. We pretend to have tapas and wines on the uptown quarters of Cuenca. Although on this occasion we are going to be in Cuenca capital for a very short time. As we have the tapas and wines we move to visit la Ciudad Encantada to enjoy a guided visit.

We love in the Winebus listen to nice stories. From there we will go to visit el Ventano del Diablo, a place with an unforgettable landscape.

On the way back to Madrid, (if we have time) we will have a last look to Cuenca while the and will make a toast to the sun. Will you join us?

This is the program:

10,45 h Depart from Madrid. (Hotel Claridge Cafetería, Plaza del Conde de Casal)

12 h Arrival to the winery Finca La Estacada, tasting of 2 of its wines.

14 h End of the visit to the winery. We move to Cuenca.

15 h Tapas and wines in Cuenca. (Additional cost) (Optional 20 euros per person).

18 h Guided visit of la Ciudad Encantada.

19,30 h End of the guided visit.

19,45 h Ventano del Diablo

21,23 h Sunset.

22 h Arrival to Madrid. (Hotel Claridge Cafetería, Plaza del Conde de Casal)

La Ciudad Encantada Cuenca

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