November Saturday 14 to Bodegas Portia and a walk by the green belt of Segovia.

Bodegas Portia 11

There are a thousand reasons to visit a winery. One of them is to find very good wines in an exceptional facility. This is the case of Bodegas Portia. Bodegas Portia is architect Norman Foster master piece on the sector of wine. I have no news that he has designed other wineries. On this case he has made a beautiful work. This visit is something you cannot ever forget.

I say some times that the wineries are the true cathedrals of the 21th century. On this case we might not talk about a cathedral but a Pyramid of the XXI century.

This winery belongs to the Faustino Group.

When you approach the winery you begin to realize the greatness of the work made by Norman Foster.

Its wines are at the level of the winery. This group is very successful in selling its wines in the most important markets around the world. We will taste two of them.

After visiting a palace of the XXI century we will go to Segovia to have tapas and wines. From there we will ave a walk on the green belt of Segovia in the middle of autumn, when the color of the leaves allows you really enjoy first hand the beauty of this time of the year, in the middle of a forest.

We will walk through the canyons of the rivers Eresma and Clamores. This beautiful promenade runs beside the river. There we will discover the secrets it holds: the old tanneries, orchards, mills, etc. Observation of fauna, flora, landscape interpretation, etc.

I think you should not miss it.


8,45 h Depart from Madrid Plaza del Conde de Casal, Hotel Claridge Cafeteria.

11 h Visit of Bodegas Portia. Tasting ot two of its wines.

12,40 h We go to Segovia.

14,20 h Having tapas and wines in Segovia ( 15 euros, additional cost, optional) (Not included on the price of the tour.

15,30 h Walk on the forests around Segovia.

18 h End of walk.

18 h  Sunset. Depart to Madrid

19,30 h Arrival to Madrid Plaza del Conde de Casal, Hotel Claridge Cafeteria.

¿Are you joining us?

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