Saturday November 21 to Bodegas Campos de Dulcinea (El Toboso) & the windmills of Campo de Criptana.

Bodegas Campos de Dulcinea

On Saturday November 21 we are going to Bodegas Campos de Dulcinea in El Toboso.

We are in love with La Mancha. With its culture, its lanscapes, its stories.  Its funny that you get caught by something you have seen a hundred times but you did not pày attention when trying to go the fastest way to the beaches of the south of Spain. That is what we do Spanish from Madrid that want to go to fast in life.

La Mancha is the biggest surface of vineyard of the world. There are different type of wineries. Some with a huge size that are focused on volume more than in quality, and , on the other side  wineries that have stablished on thos new century, looking for quality and knowing that the grapes of La Mancha can be of the highest quality.

And in the middle there are wineries that maintaining its traditional image and are looking for a place with their brands in the international markets.

And as we are in El Toboso the winery had to adapt to its environment. We are talking about the village where Dulcinea, the impossible love of don Quijote was born. The winery dates from 1926. The visit will not leave us indifferent, and even less after having tasted its wines

After having been on the winery we will make a guided visit to the village where a guide will tell us 1000 secrets  about the town. There we will have lunch. After that we will go to visit the impressive windmills of Campo de Criptana and its amazing landscapes.

And to end the day we will participate in a tasting of cocktails organized by the municipality of Campo de Criptana on the occasionof the European week of wine tourism. In the program it  appears as a Master Class, a  “mixology wine tasting”  with wines of Campo de Criptana.

From there we go back to Madrid


This is the program:

9,30 h Depart from Madrid (Hotel Clarige Cafeteria, Plaza del Conde de Casal)

11,30 h Visit to Bodegas Campos de Dulcinea. tasting of its wines.

13 h Literary tour of El Toboso.

14,30 h Lunch in El Toboso ( 15 euros, coste adicional y opcional) (No incluido en el precio de la excursión)

16 h Visita of the windmills Of Campo de Criptana

17,30 h Master Class, a  “mixology wine tasting”  with wines of Campo de Criptana.

19 h  End of the Máster Class. Depart to Madrid.

20,45 h Arrival to Madrid, (Hotel Clarige Cafeteria, Plaza del Conde de Casal)

Campo de Criptana 3

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