On Saturday December 5 we go to Bodegas Félix Callejo and Valsaín.

Bodegas Félix Callejo


This time we go to Bodegas Félix Callejo, a winery with a lot to tell, with a very polished speech  and with wines that are succeeding in many countries all around the world. After the visit we will taste 3 of their wines.

This winery was born in 1989. They grow exclusively tempranillo grape. It is located north of Ribera del Duero, 850 mts high. This elevation is responsible for large temperature contrasts o between day and night, that improve the maturity of the grapes and getting from the cold nights acidity. The soils are calcareous, clayey, sandy and pebble type. All this leads to the wine to a variety of nuances in their wines.

These are the wines: Flores de Callejo, Callejo, Majuelos de Callejo, Gran Callejo, Félix Callejo y Finca Valderroble.

When we finish the visit to the winery, we will take the Winebus and we will have tapas and wines in la Granja de san Ildefonso.

From there we will begin to take a walk . We will go up to the meadow of Valsaín and we will do a circular route of about 2 hours, 4 kilometres, on the way to pesquerías (the fisheries), very closed to the river and talking about what we see and the lanscapes we can look at.

So they tell from the local Office of Tourism.

The King Charles the Third was very found of walking on these placess with his fish cane searching for wild truits. That is why he ordered to the construction of a wonderful path on the left bank of Valsain river that converted such hard walk into a friendly  pastime. It follows (In Spanish)

We recommend you wear comfortable shoes (We will be walking through the Woods in the middle of December)

This is the Program: 

9,15 h Depart from Madrid. (Hotel Claridge Cafetería, Plaza del Conde de Casal)

11,30 h Visit to Bodega Felix Callejo y degustación de 3 de sus vinos.

13 h End of the visit to the winery, We go to la Granja de san Ildefonso.

14,30 h Tapas and wines in La Granja  de san Ildefonso.

15,30 h A walk in Valsain.

17,53 h Sunset

18,10 h Depart to Madrid

19,50 h Arrival to Madrid (Hotel Claridge Cafetería, Plaza del Conde de Casal)



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