Saturday January 30 to Bodegas Finca las Caraballas (Medina del Campo) and the Greyhound Field Spain Championship Race.


We intend to go to a winery that has given a lot of kowledge and fun in the past. We refer  to the Finca las Caraballas. In this case we do not visit their facilities because as they say “everything that is worth to visit is happening in the field”.

On January 30 we visit them during pruning time and we will have probably the opprtuinity to even prune following the wise advices of the prune workers of this vineyard .

Winter pruning is one of the major decisions to be taken during the year in a winery in order to warrrant a grape with high quality, the adequate growth of the vine and the quality of the resulting wine. If we reach to prune for a while in the vineyard of Finca las Caraballas ( I think we will do it) we will have the opportunity to understand much better the work of the winemaker in the land.

And there is a plus if we do it with this winery that is doing an outstanding work on the care of the land and the vines in order to get  the best wine.

They have a strict organic attitude towards wine. What we are going to lisen and see during this visit is very, very special. They are very special people though they say they are not. They say it is not them but the others who have changed.

They jusk keep doing the things that our gran parents use to do, when grapes tasted to real grapes and tomatoes to tomatoes and wine to wine.


On this same day (January 30) there will be also the Greyhound Field Spain Championship Race. It is an unique show in wich we will be able to see the performance of the fastest greyhounds of Spain but the show is not only on the greyhounds that run bu ton the people that they will go. Some thousands people will be there. We will learn about little details that will be around a show of this nature.

Our intention is to go after to eat lamb in the Hotel Vllla de Ferias in Medina del Campo. Lamb is a the most delicious specialty of the area (Castilla Y León). If you visit Castilla y León and you do not eat lamb you are missing something important. One of the most important things when you visit any place in Spain is its gastronomy.

Then we will visit the Museo de las Ferias that may be the best museum in the whole Spain to explain what happened in Spain during  the XV th and XVI th Century.

I think believe that the visit will leave no one unsatisfied.

We are waiting for you.

Campeonato de España de Galgos 2 (16.1.16)

This is the program

9,15 h Depart from Madrid (Hotel Claridge Cafeteria, Plaza del Conde de Casal)

11,15 h Visit to the vineyards of Finca las Caraballas. Tasting of some of its wines.

12,15 h End of the visit to the vineyards. We will go to the Cazadero of Nava del Rey

12,45 h We will be present at the Presenciaremos el Campeonato de España de Galgos de Campo.

15 h . Lunch in the Restaurant of the Hotel Villa de las Ferias in Medina del Campo to eat the best ad most famous lamb..  .

17 h Visit to the Museum de las Ferias in Medina del Campo..

17,51 h Sunset.

18,28 h Toast of end of the tour.

18,35 h Depart to Madrid

20,15 h Arrival to Madrid (Hotel Claridge Cafeteria, Plaza del Conde de Casal)

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