Complementary experiences on the tour of the Saturdays

Our experiences in previous years have been for example:

a) Visit to Pedraza at the Concert of Candles. 

b) Visit to Avila at its festivities during the show of sound and light in Avila.

c) International Country Music Concert in Riaza.

d) Annual Bodega festivity for its customers and friends more representative. 

e) Night Vintage. 

f) Visit to Aranda de Duero by its festivities. 

g) Harvest Day at Toro. 

h) Harvest Festival in Rueda. 

i) Feast of the “Peñas” in Aranda de Duero. 

j) Medieval Wrestling World Championship. 

k) Festivity of saffron in Consuegra. 

l) Watching grinding the windmills of La Mancha. 

m) Commemorating the burning of Medina del Campo.

n) Field Greyhound Spain Championship. 

o) Exercise of winter pruning. 

p) Wine grapes tasting in vintage. 

q) Star watching activity. 

r) Picking grapes and treading it. 

s) Participation in the preparation and intake of the best lamb chops in the world. 

t) “Morciturismo” in Burgos. 

u) Sound and light show in Toledo. 

v) Sound and light show in Aranda de Duero. 

w) Encierro in Cuellar. 

x) Cheese fair. 

y) Medieval Fairs. 


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