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We propose every Saturday a different tour to a different winery with the following requirements: It has to be an attractive winery, with very good wines and with a nice speech and closed enough to Madrid in order to get out from Madrid and coming back on the day. The tour should allow us to enjoy more time enjoying the activities of the tour than being on the road.

We look for the most attractive activity we can find. In some cases it is a winery that is celebrating something exceptional. It can also be an exceptional event outsdide the cellar (the complement of the visit to the winery)

Every tour is different (the winery and the rest of activities are different on the following  saturday), but at the same time there are several points in common.

  • We leave from the same point from Madrid.
  • We start the tours at similar hour. (It may vary depending on the concrete winery we visit and its distance from Madrid. (See tour schedule)
  • Lunch in 90% of the times is tapas and wines. We intend to have one of the wines we tasted at the winery at the lunch or in activities that we do later.
  • The tour price is usually the same and lunch is included in the price of the activity.
  • We make an activity in the afternoon that can be as attractive or even more than the visit to the winery.
  • We make a final toast with a glass of wine to celebrate what we have experienced during the day.
  • We go back to Madrid with the sunset.

We are deciding where to go 2 or 3 weeks in advance and it might happen that we do not get out some concrete Saturday.

In every season we have something specific that we look for that it might happen in the winery or in the afternoon activity. In July and August we  look for towns in festivities (we have the specific Summer Schedule). In September and October we look for vintage. In October and November we look for what is happening in the forests with the fall of the leaves and everything in brown.

Sometimes we are very few (4 or 5) and the tour is more agile and intimate. Sometimes we are more (20 or 22). Then he tour becomes more social in which people have an opportunity to meet other people and make new friends.

What we have achieved so far is that most of the people who have come state that experience has been exciting, that they will repeat it if they can and that they will tell others and say good bye with a hug even if they knew each other only a few hours before.

This is the most adventurous tour we offer, the cheapest and the most attractive for people with a concrete profile. More tan a tour it is an adventure with a glass of wine in hand. As we say, everything is better with a glass of wine in hand.

Experiences that we have lived up to now are for example . Read more

On this tour we migh go north from Madrid (Segovia, Burgos, Valladolid), northwest (Zamora, Toro), west (Avila, Navalcarnero), southwest (Trujillo, Talavera de la Reina), south (Toledo, Ciudad Real, east (Cuenca and Guadalajara)

We are following our heart when designing the tours and we usually are not wrong. We even follow the suggestions of our clients. Thank you for your cooperation.

On this tour we seek more adventure and have a good number of little experiences in which wine is nearly always present. In the price of the tour lunch is included and usually have tapas and wines in lunch in order to be sure that we will succeed in acomplishing the many activities we have in the program. We do not spend too much eating in general. Wine is social above all.  It invites you to communicate with your environmemt. This tour is social above all.

This is the schedule from September to June. We get out more or less at 9 or 10 AM and we are back when sun sets On these months the priority is day activity and sunlight.

On the months of July and August when in gets hot in Spain, we become night lovers. We look for festivities in different towns. Than we get out at 15 or 16 hours and we go back to Madrid at around 1h or 2h AM.

The towns with its inhabitants in festivities become much nicer. We must not forget that our country is the real owner of the word “Fiesta”. The “Fiesta” that Hemingway wrote in his books. Nobody in the world knows how to organize the “Fiestas” like the Spaniards.

And we want to do it with a glass of wine in hand. And that is because we believe that everything is nicer with a glass of wine in hand.

On that tours we might be 4 or 24. We adapt  the vehicle to the needs of the concrete tour.  But never a number that make the activity lose in quality.

On that tour the price of lunch is included, and many,  many times we are having tapas and wines in our tours. We should not forget that we are the world.s No 1 not only in wines but in tapas and that we love to do in our tours many things. So we preffer to have a tasty lunch but fast, that allow us to do many experiences on the day. In this tour adventure is a priority.

The fact that a tour of a concrete Saturday has not been anounced does not maean we are not going out for that date. By the way we invite to those who want to repeat a concrete experience we did in the past, to let us know to start designing the tour.

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