Pedraza, one of the most beautiful villages of Spain
Pedraza, one of the most beautiful villages of Spain


We are saying all the time that everything is more beautiful if we have a glass of good wine in our hand. But knowing that we are looking for the most beautiful places around Madrid to visit. We find that Pedraza is one of the most beautiful villages of Spain. It does not matter where you look at. And of course we do it with a glass of wine in hand.

This medieval village is about 30 kms from Segovia and 100 Kms from Madrid.


When is it the best time?

When is it the best time to visit this charming village? As I am always saying in our tours I will answer to you that if you ask me in Springtime the Springtime. Any season is good. Always the present. Live the present. Carpe Diem.

This town is beautiful when there is nobody else except us. That happens any working day of Springtime, Autumn, or Winter. We had beautiful times in any of the four seasons when we were visiting the town. The reason why changes but the pleasure is always great.
Pedraza is also beautiful on the weekends with nice wheather.

At that time there is plenty of people from Madrid who want to enjoy to be in a nice medieval town, enjoy the countryside, and eating in one of the appealing restaurants of the town a good roasted lamb, salad, wine and with good company. Do you think you need more than that for being like in heaven?

Those people who go with this in mind they do not care how much time they are going to spend for having lunch. Some spend 2 hours even 3. Having lunch in such a place is social.

Go with us or without us and enjoy it. Cheers!!!


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