A beautiful sunset in Pedraza
Beautiful sunset in Pedraza

Sunset in Pedraza

I love sunsets. And if you are in the right place with the apropiate company is even better. And if you do it with a glass of good wine in hand then you are in heaven.

Pedraza is amazing no matter if you are going in the morning or the afternoon, if you have lunch or dinner at sunset and even at night. That is what we are doing. Going any time because we know that Pedraza is going to be attractive any time. And we even prefer to go in different times of the day and also different seasons.

We have been in there during the Candles Concert. We have written about it before. This event is something unforgettable. To assist to a concert in a medieval town with one of the most important orchestras of the world surrounded by the light of only 30000 candles and having as a roof the sky with thousands stars in two warm nights of summer is something unbelievable.

Those are the only days when it is appealing on that town surrounded by 10000 visitors.


A special day

I am a lucky man. Y bring foreigners to such an event and I can see through their eyes that the day has been unforgettable. But I would say it is more attractive when there is nearly nobody.

What you see in the picture is one unforgettable sunset, with nearly nobody in the town. For the people who come for the first time any moment is good. For me that I have been there quite a number of times to visit it in special times and seasons is pretty good. We have a good prize sometimes.

We are quite lucky when we are coming to this town.


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