What are you doing up the tower Peter? In the Castle of Peñaranda.
Castle of Peñaranda of Ribera del Duero

Castle of Peñaranda

In our tours, after having visited one or two wineries we try to visit attractive complementary places. It might be a castle, a medieval town, a breathless landscape like Castle of Peñaranda. We try to make our visitors enjoy with their five senses. But sometimes it is our visitors who make us live with our five senses.

We were visiting a medieval castle. And after we had passed the front door I thought I had lost one visitor. I begun to shout “Peter where are you”? “Up here” I heard a voice that I thought it was coming from heven that made me look up and find my visitor in the top of the tower of the castle.

“What are you doing in there?” “Come down please, and carefully”

He said to me that everywhere he went he had to climb what he saw. That it was for him a challenge.

“Ok ok. It is a challenge but please go down very carefully” I said to him.

In 4 or 5 jumps he was again with us.

How did I solve the situation? I took out a bottle of a very good wine we had tasted in the morning. And we had a glass of good wine. Because we believe that everything is more beautiful with a glass of wine in hand.


Attitude comes first

Most of our clients have something in common. They are wine lovers or at least, they are looking to live a different experience from the standard activities you may do in any city.

They also have an attitude very positive to enjoy the day as much as they can and they help us to make them enjoy. So it works. Most of them have a beautiful time. This is our best prize.

But there us another prize. During 9 10 hours of our tours we have a lot of time to talk with them. We try to tell them attractive stories about the places we are visiting, about the wines we taste. But they also tell us nice stories. I used to travel all over the world in the past. Now we receive people from all over the world and the stories my visitors tell us make us feel also like travelers. I am a lucky man ! Cheers my friends!


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