Are the windmills of Don Quixote as romantic as the gondolas in Venice?
Windmills of Campo de Criptana

Windmills of Don Quixote or gondolas in Venice

Two American visitors said to me that before coming to the windmills, they were just coming from becoming engaged in Venice in a gondola in a channel of Venecia and with a gondolier singing a beautiful song for them. I said to them. ‘This is very, very romantic. Now I have a challenge. To make this tour to the windmills of Don Quixote at least as romantic as your experience in Venice”. At the end of the tour I did not ask them if I succeeded on that. But in my heart and to myself I said that maybe we made it. Come to La Mancha and enjoy it.

(They told me later I succeeded) :))))

When do you know that somebody is enjoying 100 %?
Sometimes you know it when you look at his face. But many, many times you do know for sure if somebody is enjoying 100 % when you listen to his/her voice or because of the words they pronounce. The emotion is on the words and how we pronounce them.

Beautiful to make other people enjoy 100%. It makes you feel as an illusionist.


The power of the social media

It is also nice to know about your visitors through social media. They say that social media you do not make true friends. I say that it depends how you use it. In my case I have the luck to meet in person before or after the communication in real. On this case social media makes you be as closed as the phone could do it or even better sometimes.

We are lucky people. We are making friends all over the world.and we keep them, as we follow them and they follow us in social media.


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