Underground caves from the XVth century in Ribera de Duero
Underground wine caves of the XVth century

The underground caves

What are the best conditions for aging the wine? To have natural underground caves from the XVth century or a modern facility with all the knowledge of the XXI st century?

When you visit the barrels room of a modern winery you are told that cool and constant temperature, high humidity, dim light no sound are very important for aging wines so they have a control of all these variables and they spend money for getting these conditions in an artificial way.

And you visit wineries and underground caves that have all these parameters just by chance since 5 centuries ago in a natural way. You know at that moment that the wines are going to be good. And you are wrong. They are superb.

In the sixteenth century when you were thirsty if you drank water you were taking the risk that the water was contaminated because you the cows and sheeps were closed to you and there was a high probability that the water would not be in good condition. With the wine, because of the fermentation, you had the warranty that wine would not be contaminated. So you were drinking wine any time instead of water.


Come with us

There are many underground caves in many different villages of Ribera del Duero, and many of them are impressive.
If you have the possibility of visiting them do not lose the opportunity. And go with somebody who knows the story of the place. It is something that you will never forget.

Where is the pleasure? In the wines or in the sotories they tell you? In both.

Before a nice wine there is always a nice story.


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