The maceration process in red wine
Maceration process of the red wine

Why red wine is red

Sometimes they ask me what is the best time to go to a winery and I say always the season we are in. Because I believe that the best moment for going to a winery is always the present…But if you come in harvest you may understand much better wich is the real process of making wine.

One of the most important moments for making red wine is the maceration of the grapes. They tell you that it is important that the juice of the grapes gets in contact with the skins in order to obtain most of the characteristics that a red wine is going to have because coloyr, the tanins, the antocians are on the skins and they tell you how they do it.

We were lucky to be in a winery in which they did not only told us how the maceration process was, but we saw it for our eyes only. And here it is. Also for your eyes only.

If you see that you might think this is not an exceptional situation but I can tell you that if you can see it you are a lucky man.


The wineries and their facilities

There are many wineries that accept visits to their facilities during havest. But there are some other who say they are very pleased on having visits the rest of the year but that on that time they are focused 100 % to make the best wine they can.
In very few days they are in risk of spoiling the work of a whole year. I understand this point of view.

There are some other wineries that think there is an opportunity to offer more attractive experiences, having grapes that can be tasted and be compared with the wine. Of course the fineal producto (the wine) tastes as the grapes where it is coming from. But one thing is to know it, and another thing is to live the experience.

Do not hesitate. During harvest visit wineries.


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