Trujillo a beautiful piece of medieval history of Spain

Day in Trujillo in the Bodegas Habla

View of the square of Trujillo, Extremadura, a true medieval town. This is one of the places you have to visit if you say you know a little about Spain and its tresors. On the sixteenth century from this town many people went to America to find glory and wealth. Most of them died. But few came back glorious and wealthy. And this is what you see in there Glory and wealth… form the sixteenth century. Time has stopped on the sixteenth century.

We visit this town after having visited a wonderful winery with amazing wines and a beatiful speach only 3 miles away from this amazing town. We are not only winelovers but also storytellinglovers and for sure we do believe that everything is more beautiful with a glass of wine in hand. Do not miss it

If you try to go on the day to Trujillo you might think it is too far. There are 270 kms. But Bodegas Habla is only a couple of kms of National 5, the road to Extremadura and to Lisbon. Trujillo hardly 7 kms from Bodegas Habla. So in this case we should be talking about time spent to arrive from Madrid (if you are coming from Madrid). 2 hours 45 minutes.


What did we do in the Bodegas Habla?

When you go to Bodegas Habla you have also the possibility to have a look to the beautiful horses that they have in the land that also belongs to the winery.
Those horses are impressive. Very tall and elegant. Among them there are a couple of champions of Spain. Imagine how good they are.
In Bodegas Habla you will find a modern facility of no more than 15 years of existence. They have one of the most beautiful speaches I have listened to for a very long time and also very good wines with very attractive bottles and package..

When a winery decides to enter in such a complicated market as the wine market you have to do many things well. I can assure you that in Bodegas Habla they have done their home work.

I think I have said many things about Bodegas Habla and Trujillo.
It could summarized just in that. If you have the possibility to go, do not hesitate.


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