Storytelling and wine, a beautiful pairing.
Storytelling and wine with Rueda wines

Storytelling and wine, a beautiful pairing

I always say that there are two sectors in which the storytelling is more apreciated.

1) The movies. In the movies they can tell you very nice stories and they have even contests like Hollywood, and you can findand listen to pretty stories.2) The sector of wine and visiting wineries.

But I would say that to visit wineries is even much better than the movies sector. Because in the movies they are telling you in most of cases stories that are only in the mind of the scriptwriter and there are actors that pretend they are living specific situations.


The differences

In the world of wine we do not need actors. We need people who speak from their heart and show us what they have done for making good wines, the obstacles they had to get it.

They accept they are in the hands of nature. And they show, more than anything else, their love for what they do. Then you drink their wines, and you imagine that everything they said is on the glass you are drinking and you know what?

That you begin to believe that behind a nice story there is always a good wine. That everything is more beautiful with a glass of wine in hand and that it is the best advantage.

Oh my God. Forget what I just wrote. It is much better by far to go to a winery than going to the movies. In conclusion, the storytelling and wine a beautiful pairing. Cheers my friends!

This is a winery of Rueda with beautiful facilities. On that winery they have made a story of the wine related with the greek mithology. A beautiful pairing!!!

But remember that in our tours besides visiting wineries we visit what it is woth to visit to make our visitors enjoy with their five senses.

Meanwhile, we can the complementary activiteis we do are made with a glass of wine in hand. Becuase we strongly believe that everything is btter with a glass of wine in hand.


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