Fireworks in the Cabalgata of the Reyes Magos (3 Wise Men Parade) in front of the Castle of Segovia.

We were going to Segovia on January 5 th after having visited a wonderful winery of Ribera del Duero. The wheater forecast said it was going to be cold, and rainy, and it could be snowing, And it happened (rain, cold and little snow) We had had a beautiful day (even with that wheather) In Segovia we visited the Aqueduct, the Catedral and the Alcazar.
That was a very special day On that day we conmemorate the festivity when the 3 Reyes Magos (3 Wise Men) arrived to the portal of Bethleem to give the baby Jesus Christ their presents. We were there to see all the preparation one hour before the festivity took place. Then we went back to take our car and see the Alcazar and the whole town from the outside. We were doing just the opposite to what thousands of people were doing. We were going down and out an the rest of the people were going in and up.
Not a pity at all !!!. They did not light the Alcazar in order to focus the festivity on the 3 Wise Men Parade. We saw the fireworks from a place where nobody else was. And of course we enjoyed it with a glass of amazing red wine in our hand.

I can tell you that me, that I have been visiting that town more than a hundred times I will never forget what I saw. We are making nice trips, but sometimes we are making unforgettable trips, not only for our visitors but also for us. It has been a dreamful end of the Christmas time. We wish you all a happy year 2018.

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