Feeding ducks in an amazing restaurant front of a medieval castle in a wine tour.
in the middle of Ribera del Duero

A different experience with some friendly ducks

Ribera del Duero is not only wine. Besides visiting wineries we do very different and complementary activities besides drinking amazing wines. We even feed ducks after having lunch in one othe most attractive restaurants of the whole Ribera del Duero (an old watermill from the sixteenth century just in front of a medieval castle).

Do you think that the roasted lamb was not better when paired with amazing Ribera del Duero wines and surrounded by a river plenty of friendly ducks that were coming ot eat from your hand? I would say it was. The experience was so good that I am not sure that it might be feeding the ducks would be the first reason to go back to this place in the near future. When you are enjoying one experience every little details counts.

This restaurant is an old watermill from the sixteenth century. The wáter crosses the restaurant underneath the facility..You can go for lunch of for dinner. When you go for lunch you can live the experience of the ducks I was writing about. If you do it at night it is amazing how it looks for the dim lights that are showing you the way.

At night the restaurant looks as if it had come out form a tale of Hansel and Gretel. The restaurant is quite hidden. When you arrive you would say you are a protagonist of a mistery book.
Once you arrive and enter on the resturant you see a very authentic and very well decorated restaurant.

If you are going there with nice wheather there are 4 or 5 tables outside the restaurant and closed to the river. What you have in there in such a spectacular scenery is something unforgettable. And even better if you have been previously in a winery and lunch you visit the impressive castle that there is on the same town, the castle of Peñafiel.

This castle is attractive no matter from where you lookat it.


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