A beautiful landscape with a glass of wine in hand.
A beautiful landscape with a glass of wine in hand

You might be looking at this magnificent landscape. You would enjoy it in any case. But what happens if you do it with a glass of wine in hand? It just happens that instead of looking at it for just one minute you can be looking and not saying a word for 10 minutes and feeling great. This is the magic of drinking a glass of good wine. In the right place at the right moment.


Day in el Jarama racing car circuit

I was one day in el Jarama racing car circuit. I was with a friend who was a Porsche lover. He owned a Porsche a belonged to a community of Porsche lovers. They had rented the circuit just for themselves.

This man told me. Get into the car and enjoy the experience. Then he begun to drive so fast that I thought there was no straight lanes but only curves.

After one lap I said to him. Ha ha ha (that was my breathing) thank you very much Miguel. It has been wonderful and unforgettable. But one lap is enough. In a car you enjoy doing things fast, enjoying the speed. The adrenaline comes to your blood. And it is nice and pleasant.

Today I enjoy much more looking at things very, very slowly. And when you are drinking wine the best way is when you drink in slow motion. Then you get the greatest pleasure.

We do much more than drinking and enjoying sunsets. We visit wineries, medieval towns, old castles, nice cathedrals. Everything we find could be a good complement to drinking nice wines.

We hace those other experience the same place where the good wines are made. Why should not enjoy them?
Come with us and see what we do.

Cheers my Friends!


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Ignacio Segovia

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