The art of controlling temperatures in fermentation.
Controlling the fermentation

Controlling the temperatures of fermentations, you can make the good wine

Somebody said that modern wine making is the art of controlling temperatures. When you are in front of a good wine and with the wine maker you disagree with such a simple definition.

That is why I do no get tired of visiting wineries and listen to the story of the winery of the wine maker. And as I visit more and more wineries I realize that in the sector of wine behind a good story there is always a good wine.

When we visit different regions we try in our tours not only to enjoy with the wines we drink but also with the stories we listen to, and to learn a lot about the región and their history. The general history and the specific history related with wine.

We tell our visitors that Rioja was the first region in Spain that begun to make quality wines because some french wine makers came to that region to teach the riojans. These french men did so when they suffered the philoxera in their vineyards.


The philoxera was coming from some american vines and eated all the roots of french vines. The result was that the whole french vineyard was devastated.

Some of them considered that the best way to spend their time while they were finding a solution for being protected from the philoxera was to go to Spain, to Rioja to teach the people of Rioja which were the tools for making quality wines in modern times.

They explained to them how to age wine in oak barrels, how to be organised in a denomination of origin, in order to teach each other how to improve their work and invertment. How to make a brand of the whole Rioja region, how to sell in the abroad going all together…


Control steps

One of the first steps was to buy expensive machinery that would allow them to control the temperatures during fermentation. In the past, the fermentations started spontaneously, and lasted more or less depending on the temperature that there was in place. The wine maker did not have control of the temperature neither of the duration of fermentation.


They found that, like in good cookings, it was important to make very, very slow fermentations. That controlling the temperature they could decide when it had to end. By proof and error they found the ideal number of days of fermentation in order that the wines would taste better.


But there are many other factors that tell us that the wine that tour ancestors were drinking could not be a good wine. But there was no problem.

You do not know what a good wine is until you drink one of them.


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