Cuenca. A fairy tale town at sunset and at night.
Cuenca landscape

Do not forget to visit Cuenca. The visit could be a very nice experience.

Have you been in Cuenca? (100 miles from Madrid). It is a wonderful town at day but if you see it at night it converts into a fairy tale town. It is nice to see its wonderful landscape. But it is even better with a glass of wine in hand.

I remember when I was 16 going wth the school to visit after having stayed the previous day in Barcelona.

When you are 16 and you make a trip with your colleagues at school you do not sleep much at night.

So we arrived to Cuenca with our bus and they said to us let us visit las casas colgadas. I answered I was too tired to get out of the bus and walk 500 meters.

After this trip I had the idea that Cuenca could be nice but not too much.

I did not have any expectatives when I was back again on the town when I was fifty. This time we arrived nearly before sunset. We were lodged in the Parador de Cuenca. This Parador is amazing and the view you have of the town is something really special.

We had the time to unpack our luggage. And by the time we goyo ut from the Parador it was already dark.

When we got out of the parador we had a maginificent view. The first thing I thought I was in the Tale of Hansel and Gretel.


Cuenca always attractive

Cuenca becomes much more attractive at night.They have made a beautiful job with ythe lights.

Now, in 2019 getting to Cuenca becomes much easier because you can take the AVE that brings you to Valencia. There is 1 stop in Cuenca.

The AVE has been good and bad for Cuenca. It has been good because it is only 1 hour trip. It is bad because, in the past people decided to stay 1 night and now you can decide to stay a few hours and go back to Madrid to pass the night.

If you want to know what I think about it, I would recommend you to stay 1 night in there. Do it and when you see the result remember me.

Cheers my Friends. Everything is better with a glass of wine in hand!


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A beautiful landscape with a glass of wine in hand.



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