An old castle and a glass of wine, a nice pairing.
Castillo de Cuellar

A castle, a nice story to listen, a visit to a winery. Being with the right place in the right time swith the right people. But if we also add a sunset and and enjoyng all that with a glass of good wine in hand. That is the heaven for me.

Maybe you see in our faces we have enjoyed a lot. But the pleasure is not at that moment. It starts at the very first minute when we begin our tours getting out from Madrid.
We are lucky people. Our visitors know what they are going to find. They make it very easy for us. They have something in mind, to have an unforgettable experience. And what we do is to put 100% in order to get it.

I would say we feel a little bit like David Copperfield. We know that something specific is going to be apreciated by our visitors and we put our best to make it enjoy with thei fives senses.
In this picture you see some glasses, wine a splendid castle, a beautiful sunset and in very good company.


What happened in our day

What happened before was the visit to 1 or 2 wineries (maybe 3), we had a beautiful lunch in a very special restaurant in which we can taste the specialties of the area. Wes ay in our written text that Ribera del Duero is not only wine. If you come to Ribera del Duero with us you will see it.
And you know what? The wine si making better the castle, and the sunset, and the company. Because all those ingredients are making better in an exponential growth the whole experience.

Please, como ti visit us. We are waiting for you.


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