Sunset in Ribera del Duero. I love sunsets everywhere. But better if you do it with a glass of wine in hand.
Toasting in a beautiful landscape of Ribera del Duero

A sunset with a glass of wine in hand

We are looking at the end of the day sunsets that can end a journey with a huge smile in our faces. I love watching sunsets on the sea. I look at them as if it was the first time I see it. But I even enjoy more a sunset in the inland. When you watch it in the right place the sun behaves the same way, but instead of just blue you see yellow, orange, brown, green. And if you do it with a glass in hand you do not care about being there maybe 10 minutes, not saying a word and feeling great. 

But cheering with a glass of wine in hand is just the end of a day. Many little details emotions and things have happened.

We could be begining la tour with this kind of cheering, but there is no sense on that. A sunset a sunset is always the end of a day in which many little details that have made that day unforgettable. At least that is what we are looking for in our tours.

The sunset means the end of a day.

We begin getting on the road and visiting a winery that can be attractive for many reasons. For its facility, its speach, its history, the personality of the owners, how this winery is integrated in the surroundings and, of course its wines that are a consequence of all the factors we wrote previously.

So we enjoyed the winery and we might visit a second winery or a monument. But sooner or later w ego to have lunch in a restaurant. Our goal is that our visitors enjoy as much as they did in the winery but for different reasons.

We try to make our visitors try the specific gastronomy on the area. We try topair it with the wines of the región. For being critic try the wines alone. Fot enjoying pair them with good food.

After having had this experience do you think you are going to enjoy more the sunset?. I am sure you will.

Cheers my friends!

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A beautiful landscape with a glass of wine in hand.

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