As medieval knights in a Castle of La Mancha.
edieval knights in Consuegra

Playing to be medieval knights in a Castle of La Mancha#everythingisbetterwithaglassofwineinhand

Enjoying with your five senses or another way to say the same,.. Allowing to appear the child you have inside.
We were visiting a very nice castle of La Mancha and at the same time there was a school with little children to whom there were some actors showing how life was on this place. One of the tools they had to make those children have an entertaining day was to have those little wooden horses as the ones you see in the picture. Spontaneusly two of my visitors asked me to make a picture of them with those horses. This picture shows how much fun you can have if the people that are with you have the right attitude. We are lucky men, because most of our visitors come with that attitude . But we do not forget to do many of our activities with a glass of wine in hand.

We had already been previously in a lovely winery in Colmenar de Oreja with a fascinating history of more than a hundred years.


The best views

When we take the way to Consuegra took us 1 aditional hour but it was worth. The landscapes that you can see from Consuegra are unforgettable.

Then we had lunch in a beautiful restaurant of the town and then to a winery in Campo de Criptana and its windmills.

What is more beautiful? Campo de Criptana or Consuegra? I would recommend you to visit both of them and you take your own decision about what. What we are doing in ioue last tours is to visit both of them in different times of the day. The answer of the visitors is that they do not care what is better. That they have been very happy to visit the two of them.

Come with us and decide by yourself.


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