Praying and bowing to the priest? In a Vineyard of Ribera del Duero

Another odd religion? Or a very special winemaker of Ribera del Duero?

Is this young lady praying and bowing to the priest in front of him? Another religion you had not heard of? A winemaker that has such a particular speach that when visitors are going to his vineyard he invites them to smell the earth?

You may believe me or not but the right answer is alternative number 3.

Would you expect to smell the earth when going to visit a winery? Would you imagine how the speach of this winemaker would be? How would be the experience if you do all that with a glass of wine in your hand. I can answer to you with just one word ‘’unforgettable’’.

How do you think the wines were after this experience? I do not need to answer to that question because I never had a bad wine after a beautiful speach.

A good speach, nice wines and wonderful lamb chops, a beautiful pairing.

We visit his vineyards, his underground caves of the XVI th century, his little winery and of course we taste his wines.

But this is not everything that happens. We may stay to have lunch with him and what we have as lunch among other things are beautiful lamb chops that Jesus (That is the name of the wine maker) buys on the day of the visit.

At the end of the tasting of the beautiful wines he has, we, the visitors, have the pleasure to help him prepare the lamb chops that he prepares in front of us. We help him and we look how he does it with a glass of wine in hand.

Then we eat them. After all we had before I can tell you these are the best lamb chops I have ever taken. And again of course with a glass of wine in hand.

Maybe you already know our motto. That is the best place and time to say to you.

Come with us and experience what we often do when bringing people to specific wineries. And remember that it does not matter what you are doing. #everythingisbetterwithaglassofwineinhand.

Cheers my friends


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Ignacio Segovia

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