Visiting a castle with a glass of wine in hand.
Castle of Peñaranda de Duero

Castle and wine the best pairing… yesterday.

When we are closed to a castle in Ribera del Duero it does not matter too much to us if we look at it from the outside or the inside. It not matter too much if it is a sunny day or a grey day.

If it is in the morning or in the afternoon. The only thing that matters a lot to us is to do it with a very good wine of Ribera del Duero in our hand. We strongly believe that in a glass of very good wine of Ribera del Duero you can feel and understand the amazing and impressive history, gastronomy, monuments, landscapes of this area. 

I am talking about the Castle of Peñaranda de Duero. This is a castle in a place Peñaranda de Duero with a lot to be seen for such a small place.


Castle of Peñaranda de Duero

It has a beautiful palace, The Palace of Avellaneda and an amazing Colegiata de Santa Ana. Also attractive to walk though its narrow streets that drive you to the oldest pharmacy in Spain.

That pharmacy was open on the XVIII century and if you approach to it and terll them you want to see it they will put in your place saying to you that this is an active pharmacy that gives service to the neighbours.

That if you want a visit to it you have to request an appointment.


A lot to visit in a little town: Peñaranda de Duero

Castle is not only what you see on the outside of its facility.

At certain times the big tower (Torre del Homenaje) is open. When you enter you realize quickly you are in front of a jewel. It is actually a small museum where you can answer to many questions that you have in your mind when you think of a castle. Why castles were made, who lived inside, how they lived inside, certain details that made it a defensive piece almost impossible to conquer.

And the best of everything is at the top of the tower. There one sees a landscape difficult to forget. Miles and miles of plain land with all the colours of the rainbow.

Those colours change completely if you are going in a sunny day or in a rainy day. If that were not enough and if it is a clear day there are 4 plates that show one what one could find in each of the 4 cardinal points related to the Middle Ages. On those plates they tell you which medieval monuments and towns you could see  if you could fly like an eagle and have its incomparable sight


You have to see it

This is a castle that you can not miss although the probability that you only see the castle is high because of the flexible opening hours of the aforementioned Torre del Homenaje.

Whether or not this is open it deserves to be approached if you are in Aranda de Duero because Peñaranda is only 18 kms away.


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