A million reasons for visiting a winery
The nicest winery in Toledo

What are you looking when visiting a winery?

What we offrer is to visit wineries that awake and make you enjoy with your five senses fon any of the following reasons (There can be more):


They have a beautiful speach.

They have a nice facility.

The personality of the person who is conducting the visit.

The quality of the wines.

We are in a beautiful region that has many other things to show and offer.

Some peple with a very sophisticated palate say: “Do not tell me anything.I will understand everything tasting your wine” On the Winebus we admire those people who in a blind taste can know which is the wine they are tasting. For us finding this kind of people is magic.

But we do not pretend to go that far. Many of our clients know a lot about wine or not. We say to them, you do not have to Mozart to listen to go to a concert. You do not have to be Robert Parker to come with us.

We want to make you enjoy a lot, even if you are not the Mozart of wines. Maybe Mozart would enjoy more, but we are not Mozart and I can assure you our clients enjoy as much as Mozart would do.


4 Characteristics

This winery in the south of Madrid has 4 characteristics that will push you to visit

1) It was the favorite winery of the King of Spain Alfonso 13th, father of the grand father of the actual king of Spain, Felipe 6th.

2) Its facility appears very often in a very important serial for the Spanish television TVE that has been for many years one of the most seen in Spain. The serial was called ‘Cuentame como paso’

3) They have a centenary history very well told by the wine tourism Manager.

4) They have beautiful wines that you will not forget in a long time. 

If you ever go let me know.

This is the barrels room. Watching that barrel room you know the visit is going to be quite special.


Written by

Ignacio Segovia

Ceo of winebus.es

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