In a winery of La mancha during the Harvest Night.

Participating in the Harvest Night in summer.

I ask myself sometimes ¡f the people who go to visit wineries are different from the rest. And I say they are not different. They have just a different attitude when they are looking to have experiences out fo the ordinary.

I also ask my self if the people who look for those kind of activities are day lovers and not night lovers. I think this is wrong debate. Maybe the people who are looking for day activities have undertood that day light activities can bring you a much broader range of attractive activities than the nigh activities can not bring. Maybe night leisure iks mostly loud music and to many drinks of alcohol that instead of making your senses awake are making just the opposite

We were in a night harvest in a brght night of summer with a lot of stars in the sky.

The first activity consisted on visiting a field where they were growing safron. Something peculiar is happening with the safron in Castilla La Mancha. Some people have found that with the tradictional cultivations they were not going to far and they have found a very nice alterntive dedicating some of its lands to grow safron. Being innovative in La Mancha? Yes. That is nice.

A lot of activities during the Harvest Night Exhibition.

We had many things to do on the winery. There was a painting exhibition of a very creative painter of the area. There was also  a very good group playing  music. We were there enjoying of each other, (wine and visiting wineries is social) listening to beautiful stories that you hear everytime you go to a winery and with a glass of wine in our hand. Did I not tell you that everything is better with a glass of wine in hand?

We had an unforgettable night. As good or even better than other trips we had done on the day.

Are we night life defenders now?. No, not at all. We are defenders of enjoying our lifes with our fives senses. We are life lovers no matter if it is in day light or at night.

By the way we go tomorrow to new day wine tour to La Mancha to enjoy a beautiful day in a couple of wineries. Would you like to join us?


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