Lambs, sheperd and wine is also a nice pairing
Sheeps, sherperd and wine

Talking with a sheperd can be also a beautiful experience.

When somebody goes to Ribera del Duero is expecting to visit beautiful wineries, drink nice wines and listen to attractive speachs, but it is not so usual that you find in the middle of the road a big group of sheeps. In the wine sector you can listen to beautiful speaches. On this case I was going with a group of New York. We had a very short conversation.

I might just say hello mr Shepherd of castilla those people are from New York. Hello people from New York this is a shepherd from Ribera. We spoke a few words with him. But the important thing was not what anybody said, but how both were welcoming each other. I was lucky to be there.

We Spanish people are are and live in a very odd country and I pray everyday we do not lose our identity. For me it is a huge privilege to be showing my own country with a glass of wine in hand.

I find some people who say to me. Do not tell me anything. I want to taste your wines in a blind taste format.

I admire those people but this is not our approach.

We strongly believe that those sheeps, and sheperd were in our minds in our last tasting of the day. We strongly believe that those wines tasted better because of our experience with the sheperd. That this sheperd and his sheeps were inside my glass of wine.

I can not scientifically demonstrate that this is real, but one thing I can tell you is that the wines taste much better believing that way.

But there was not only those sheeps, but an old castle with an amazing landscape, and also underground caves and a process of making wine in the medieval era.

Don´t you think we are talking about much more than having a wine tasting?


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