Is anything more romantic than taking your partner to a wine tour for Saint Valentine´s Day?
Make a special day for your partner. in Saint Valentin´s Day

Proposal for Saint Valentine´s Day

Is anything more romantic than taking your partner to a wine tour for Saint Valentine´s Day? Book for 90 euros each.

Not long ago a couple came to us saying that they came directly from Venice, and that he, kneeling on the ground, in a gondola, asked her in marriage, while the gondolier took them singing through the canals of Venice.

We replied that what they had experienced in Venice was a challenge for us and that we would do everything we could to achieve something as special as what they experienced. Did we succeed? We are not going to tell you at this time, but we challenge you to check it out in person on February 14 or February 16 on one of our tours to Ribera from Madrid.

But this is not the first tour we do for Valentine’s Day and we know what we do.

And we know that Ribera del Duero awakens our 5 senses. We know that Ribera del Duero and making a wine tour brings out the best and most attractive of ourselves.


Ribera del Duero

We ask you that on this occasion, do not limit yourself to giving her a bouquet of flowers or a dinner in a restaurant in Madrid.

You also have the possibility of taking him out of watching television for a day if you have the misfortune of having a couch potato in your partner. Make that special day move.

So You only have to click here and reserve your seats (90 euros per person). At the end of the tour, you tell me.

Ah! Congratulations for being in love!

Come! You will not regret. Very limited places!


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