I am in love with the windmills of La Mancha (2)
Windmills and wine

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I am in love with the windmills of La Mancha.

The windmills of La Mancha with wine.

During 4 decades I crossed La Mancha and stopping maybe in the mid way not trying a ave single time to see the windmills. And if you ask many people from Madrid they will tell you the same.

It has been my love for wine and for visiting wineries and to do it with foreigners that have made myself understand what a treasure we have,

Looking at my own country through the eyes of my foreigners clients I understood that we have a beautiful country.

You do not get old if you love what you do.

When you are getting older you think that the problem is just that. That you are getting old. But I have found out in wine and traveling that you are not getting old if you love what you do, that you are not getting old if you keep a child attitude of learning things for the first time. And wine is social and travel is also social. And travel is not only social. It is more than social. And if you do that in a country that has so much to show, so many histories to tell, so many wines to taste, you do not only enjoy, you think you are in heaven.

Some people have listened to me talking about the windmills of Don Quixote and have thought that I am in love with the windmills and the history of Don Quixote. And they are right. I love ka Mancha. But I am also in love of every single inch of this country. And if I can travel with a glass of wine in hand U feel in heaven. So you know my secret. I love receiving people who have the right attitude by which they become my friends no more than 20 minutes of being together. And I strongly believe that everything is better with a glass if wine in hand.

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