I live among castles. I am a lucky man (1)
Castles of Spain and wine

I live among castles. 

We live in a country with beautiful wines. I live in a town called Madrid that is at the north of Castilla (castle) La Mancha and at the south of Castilla (castle) y Leon. And I try if I can to visit or look at those castles with a glass of wine in hand. This castle you see is the castle of Chinchon, only 25 miles from Madrid

I am a lucky man because I bring foreigners to visit those marvellous places.

Born in Madrid and I did not know how lucky I was until I begun to do this activity.

In my twenties I used to travel as much as I could. Realised that travelling waked up my five senses and I felt more alive. I remember in one of those journeys I went to California. I was already there for 8 or 10 days. And in one moment I sat in a chair and  I tried to remember how many people I could remember from this journey. I could count more than 60. Then I asked myself a question. How many people did I remember on the previous week in Madrid. The answer was: none, 0. That pushed me to enjoy even more my days of travelling.


My life has changed

Now  quite a lot. I do not travel so much. I do it sometimes but not so often.

In the begining of my business I used to do it with locals and I promised I had fun.

But now that most of my clients are foreigners the pleasure has been multiplied by 1000. It was good also with locals I have to say.

But now that I am showing to foreigners what we have to show, mostly out of the big and modern towns, I feel great. Those people that I show my own country have helped me to respect much more my own country.

It goes on I live among castles.


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Ignacio Segovia

Ceo of winebus.es

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