The world of visiting wineries is as broad as visiting the universe.
Visiting wineries near Madrid

Visiting wineries is like the universe. It is infinite.

You might think you have seen everything when you have visited some of them. But there is always a new surprise. Somebody has found a new way of doing something. On this actual world is important you are doing things some other way from your competitors. This works beacause internet help people to find things unique. People apreciate when you are original, when you are looking for your own way. In internet and with the theory of the long queue they can find you if somebody is looking your uniqueness.

In the past, before the Internet era, the name of the game was to be under the umbrella of an important denomination of origin as Ribera del Duero or Rioja and getting a good score on wines from Mr Robert Parker or Peñín guide (the Spanish versión of the Robert Parker Guide). The name of the game was to follow the patterns of those important guides. Nobody knew about you so needed to make it easier, mainly when you were trying to be known out of your own country.

310 wineries in Ribera del Duero.

Now it is of course still very important to be well considered by the important prescribers and to be in a reputated region, and to use the brand of the region. But now maybe your neighbor is one of your most important competitors too. Ok, You are a Ribera del Duero wine, but now there are 310 wineries on this area of Ribera del Duero. Are they all just the same?

But one nice thing is the following.

One of the most attractive things you can live.  (we have experienced that several times)  is to be in a meeting with a number of wineries of a specific region, and each one of them telling us their story in front of the other wineries, just having 5 minutes each. They have to tell you what is good from the region, but more important why they are special among the 310 wineries of Ribera del Duero. Then the visitors had 10/15 minutes with each winery to talk one to one. Do you know what happened after that? It happened that all visitors told the wineries that the had the wish  need to visit all of them in their facility. And that is what many of them did. Some in one day, in one week, no matter the time. But they it. It is an amazing experience.

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