The world of visiting wineries is as broad as visiting the universe. (2)
Visiting wineries in the new technologies era

It comes from The world of visiting wineries is as broad as visiting the universe.

In the past it was important to make things easy to the end consumer in order they buyed your product. Now you have to diferénciate from your neighbors because if you do things just the same as them why are they going to buy to you?

But now there is Internet with a lot of information about many wineries and wines. There are much more prescribers and influencers that are being followed by a numerous amount of people. There is a boom in wine tourism so many people are visiting many wineries and for the first time in history the winemakers are in direct contact with the end consumer. A revolution in distribution is aldo happening. So you can send a small amount of bottles to many of your visitors no matter where they live at a very competitive price. Now you can have loyal clients for years even no matter if they live more than 5 thousand miles away.


Take good care of your visitors. They might become the best missionaires of your winery.

Those people that visit your winery might get so much in love with your products that they might be buying you for years. And not only that. You have given your visitors an opportunity to let you know very well. They might want to get in contact with you also for years. Wine is social and is becoming more and more important for having a pleasure on drinking it is to tell the story of the winery and the wines. Because the wines become more appealing. And maybe those consumers become missionaries of your wine for years. Is there a better pleasure than talking a lot about a wine while you are drinking? When does it become more easy to be done? When you are giving the information first hand.

The funny thing is that an offline activity as visiting wineries becomes much more attractive because of Internet. Internet can bring many more visitors to an specific winery than ever before.

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