Do not miss El Toboso when you visit La Mancha and the windmills.
Don Quijote loves Dulcinea

It comes from: Dulcinea looking at Don Quixote in the windmills. 

Cervantes is present everywhere in La Mancha

No one has told me why Cervantes finished Don Quixote’s book that way. My conclusion seems reasonable enough. I will continue to use this argument while no one gives me a better argument to understand why he used the word “Vale” “OK”.

To make a good wine it is essential that a great job be done in the vineyard and in the winery. But today there is much more to do. Nowadays all the information is available on the Internet. If you get it, you will have a high probability of making consumers to fall in love with your wines.

By the way…

If you visit Bodegas Campo de Dulcinea, in the town of El Toboso there are several things that are worth visiting, in addition to the winery. For example, the Dulcinea del Toboso House-Museum. It is a very attractive 16th century house. They show you how rich people lived in that time.

Many tresors in El Toboso.

You can visit the Cervantino Museum where you can see the book of Don Quixote written in almost 100 different languages. Some visitors are so excited with the experience that they have the detail of sending us from different places of the world, the book of don Quijote in languages that the museum does not yet have. As a singularity, they have the book written in “Esperanto”. Also the greatest book of Don Quixote in the world. This book appears in the Guinness world records.

In the village there is also the Plaza de Juan Carlos 1 with a beautiful sculpture with Don Quixote and Dulcinea del Toboso with Don Quixote kneeling in front of his lover.

As a summary: if you are a lover of Don Quixote and that is the reason why you go to La Mancha, you must not miss this special, charming and beautiful town called El Toboso.

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