Neil Armstrong was in Ribera del Duero 50 years ago
Neil Amstrong was in Ribera del Duero

Neil Amstrong was in Ribera del Duero 50 years ago

We are in July 2019. In 1969, many things happened. It was a busy year, or so it is seen in the distance. But we want to focus on something very specific.

We commemorate at this moment the supposed moon landing of Neil Armstrong.

This happened 50 years ago, on July 20, 1969.

From the first moment there was a stream of opinion that said that all of the moon landing was a complete fake. How could it be possible for someone to land on the moon with how far away it is? That rumor, 50 years later, has not faded.

Some time ago I heard an alternative story and this story is what I tell the foreign visitors of the Winebus when they visit Ribera del Duero with us.

We do not take part in if it was fake or not to get in the moon in 1969. What we say is that 50 years ago Neil Armstrong was in Ribera del Duero and with a glass of wine in hand he said “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

We live by telling stories related to wine. We ask our visitors two things: 1) If they believe in our version. 2) If they do not believe it if they like the story we tell. Actually it is not important if they believe it or not. What is important if they like the story. Because that is our goal. Making the day an enjoyable experience.

We ask our visitors to respond by looking at this little hill full of chimneys (look at the picture) that look more like the moon that we all have in our minds than what the moon really is.

We think that our story is as pleasant if Neil Amstrong did not go to the moon but instead he was having a wine in Ribera del Duero. Or he did go but the frist thind he did after landing in the earth is going to Ribera del Duero to celebrate the feat.

Do you allow me to exaggerate? Actually what we are looking for is to make our visitors enjoy it as much as if they were the first to land on the moon. It is more than likely that we do not get it but that is our attitude.


Complementary activities in our tours to wineries.

In addition to visiting wineries we do complementary activities in the areas where the wineries are located. We consider that they make our trips much more spectacular and attractive. One of those activities we do is to collect mushrooms. We have an expert guide that helps us in this activity. This man, at the beginning of the activity presents himself on the following way “I am an expert in picking mushrooms and as such you can ask me anything and if I know I will answer you. And if I do not know, I’ll invent it, but I’ll do it so well that you will not realize I’ve invented it.” It was hearing this speech and telling myself that I was in front of a genius. Then, during the most interesting activity that collecting the mushrooms was to hear very different stories about that world. Their stories were so exciting that the least we did was collect mushrooms, so enraptured that we were listening to them.

We asked: Why do you know that this specific mushroom is poisonous? He responds that because he has proof that someone has died eating it. I’m stunned. Is that the only way to know that a mushroom is poisonous? My god! And he who continues to tell as we walk that if this specific mushroom is poisonous, and this other one can be eaten …. Easy 75% of the mushrooms that he pointed out told us that they were not edible. And I was telling myself that I would not dare to go pick mushrooms without an expert by my side.


Storytelling in wine tourism.

We live in the rise of story telling. We all seek to tell us beautiful stories. Much more on vacation. That gives us life. We also do it in exceptional places where the vineyards of the best wines in the world grow according to The Wine Spectator in 2012.

We also know from experience that the stories told in the wine are spectacular. That every very good wine worth has a beautiful story behind it. If you listen to that story with a glass of wine in your hand, the experience becomes memorable.

Come with us to enjoy Ribera del Duero. To hear beautiful stories, to tell us your stories yourself. Let’s do it with a glass of wine in our hand.

We put 100% on our part so that the day is unforgettable and we believe that we have the magic formula to get the best out of our visitors. Our visitors who see our reviews know more or less what they are going to find and we find that, from the minute one they are radiant and wanting to put their grain of sand so that everything comes out As has already happened on many occasions.

Good vibes are contagious. Bring yours. Let us infect you with ours. 

Come to our madrid wine tour. Come to live a madrid wine experience.

See you soon.


Written by

Ignacio Segovia

Ceo of

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