Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take.

Life is not measured by the numbers of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.

I saw this phrase and what the phrase says happened to me. I take my breath away. We are in this world to live worthwhile moments, moments that make you lose your breath. When you are 20 years old you think that is the usual thing. You encounter struggling occasions when you lose your breath. Then, you are turning years and checking that life is giving you worries and disappointments. That you get out of breath for nothing positive reasons.

And you think with 20 years that being happy is a right. And now they go and tell me that it is an obligation and that you have to work it out.

And I get a book of a famous psychiatrist who suffered enduring alive in a Nazi concentration camp. This man applied at that time all his knowledge in himself and managed to get out of that horror alive. He spent two years pureed, vomiting and writing about what he had lived and took out the book, ‘The man in search of meaning’

Well, let me tell you what my sense is.

My sense is to enjoy this life with what I have that is the winebus, the possibility to make it grow and feel pure jade with it. To have enough money I could live as I want. To have the money to enjoy this life. To give my children an education that allows them to be self-sufficient and live the life they want and that do not have them trapped in a stake like the chained elephant

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