The bell tower of the Cathedral of Segovia

The bell tower of the cathedral of Segovia

One before visiting Segovia, it is thought that yes, there is the cathedral of Segovia, but that being the Roman aqueduct of two thousand years ago and the Alcazar of Segovia, so important in the history of Spain and in the life of Usabel la Catolica and his brother Enrique iv and who served as inspiration for Walt Disney for his film Blancanienbes and lis 7 Enanitos. Well, it must be seen. And if you give the artera you have the impression that if something you have to skip to see hey, the cathedral that skips it.

And if you do so even if Iara if towards the Alcazar from the aqueduct you have to go ahead and there is something that you did not dare unnoticed and is that with that cathedral they took special care to build it that does not Rivera buildings attached to it that hid its splendor . 

Any time of day and even at night it is good to visit it, but if you are lucky enough to see it on a sunny day and when the sun is setting and the same cathedral is building shadows on the main square it is a very, very moment special. It is also when it gets dark. Artificial lighting makes the cathedral something really beautiful. In both cases he will hate an image that you will not be able to forget 

But you go and enter the cathedral. That cathedral that looked great from the outside seems huge.

It is worth going through all the chapels around you. Each with its own story. Some with some paintings or unforgettable sculptures.

But the best is yet to be seen. Gothic cathedrals have things in common and do not seem surprising if one has previously sewn other cathedrals in Spain.

In this cathedral there was a hidden treasure that is the ascent to the bell tower. It is leather that you have to climb a lot of steps, but the climb to have climbed a third has a room in which they project a very attractive video that deserves only to go up to see it. It lasts about 10 minutes and now it’s about going up to the bell house. One discovers there that there was a Robindon Crusoe who lived with his family and had even some cattle as if he saw Engel field so that kacrelscion with the rest of the city was highly peculiar. It is also tremendously peculiar the way in which they advised him of Qu wanted to get in touch with him. 

And finally you climb the bell tower. And you see a city at your feet, completely different from the one you had visited, maybe half an hour before. The view is sensational.

In the summer months they make a night visit that begins at 9.30 pm and possibly the view is even more amazing than day Pir the effect of the lights that illuminate the cathedral and the attractiveness of the city at night. 53

So if they tell you to skip the cat, you tried to do it because you will get lost if you make it an unforgettable experience

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