Madrid wine tours.
Madrid wine tours

We like to show our country with a glass of wine in hand.

Most of our clients are foreigners.

They are people who are attracted to Madrid by a very diverse number of charms.

To Spain come 83 million tourists. This is a figure that continues to grow every year. 60% of them are English, French, Italian and German.

These, the same as the Scandinavians who have fewer inhabitants in each of their countries do not seem so important at the numerical level. They come to our country looking for sun, the coast, good food and enjoy our parties. Here they find what Americans on the East Coast look for in Florida.

Hemingway did a fantastic job writing about our country and publicizing in depth what the word party meant. In some way he was a precursor of urban and interior tourism

Another type of tourism. Urban and interior tourism.

The visitors who are most attracted to leaving the big city are mostly Americans.

This is a tourism with greater purchasing power that come to our cities. North Americans predominate in this type of tourism.

Those Americans value more than anyone visiting large cities like Madrid and Barcelona. That they come to the great cities of this North American, it can be for very different reasons. The decrease in the cost of airline tickets, the proliferation of many direct flights. They know well what a wine tour consists of since in the United States this type of activity is deeply rooted, they love our gastronomy, our parties, our history and our medieval and Roman monumental offer.

Everything fits like a glove to what they are looking for. In addition the North American with restlessness to travel and to do it to Europe has an important purchasing power. If all this is done in addition to a glass of wine we make the offer something really attractive,

Surely Napa and Sonoma did a great job promoting their territories and visits to their vineyards.

Interior Tourism. Much more than wine.

We offer much more than wine. We want to offer a spectacular gastronomy, an exciting history, an incredible monumental part, an incredible music. And all this that is very good and what they feel greatly satisfied if we give it to them in front, in the middle and behind with wine, people finish the tours in an absolutely enthusiastic way.

We ask our tours more and more. We do not have to offer us some attractive wines, we also seek to find facilities that attract attention, and we need, above all, a speech that engages us. And I’m lucky to find this type of wineries that give me that and are surrounded by an environment that allows us to get excited and excite our visitors.

They will remind us not of what we told them or what we did with them. But for what we made them feel.

It is not worth us simply to earn a living. We also want to earn our living doing it with an activity that allows us to be passionate about it. Our visitors do not seek to sate another day in their lives but to have a memorable remind. I remember a phrase that I use to recall quite often. “They will remind us not of what we told them or what we did with them. But for what we made them feel“. We are lucky to be in contact with people (our visitors) who remind us at all times that we have a great country and that everything is infinitely prettier with a glass of wine in hand.

If you are a visitor who wants to enjoy with us with the 5 senses, be welcome. We will put everything we have inside to try to make you enjoy that way.

Madrid Wine Tours. ( full day tour )

Those are the Wine tours we offer from Madrid:

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Half day wine tour around Madrid

Wine Tour with castles, medieval towns or Cathedrals.


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