Neil Amstrong was in Ribera del Duero 50 years ago We are in July 2019. In 1969, many things happened. It was a busy year, or so it is seen in the distance. But we want to focus on something very specific. We commemorate at this moment the supposed moon landing of Neil Armstrong. This

It comes from An old winery or a modern winery. When I visit a winery I do not tell the winemaker what to do. I have learned this is not a good approach. The winemakers do what they feel like. It is his house and not mine. What I am looking from them is that they

Storytelling and wine, a beautiful pairing I always say that there are two sectors in which the storytelling is more apreciated. 1) The movies. In the movies they can tell you very nice stories and they have even contests like Hollywood, and you can findand listen to pretty stories.2) The sector of wine and visiting

Day in Trujillo in the Bodegas Habla View of the square of Trujillo, Extremadura, a true medieval town. This is one of the places you have to visit if you say you know a little about Spain and its tresors. On the sixteenth century from this town many people went to America to find glory

We repeat on the visit to a winery of Rueda. Now it is Bodegas del Grupo Yllera. Actually it is a double visit. By one side there is a visit to the facilities of where they ellaborate the Tinto Yllera and the white wine typical from Rueda. On this occasion it happens again that we

We are going to Bodegas Kirios de Adrada. A winery that we have visited at diferent times of the year. Bodegas Kirios combines many features that make people the visit excited. On the one hand they have extraordinary wines, that you enjoy a lot dirinking. Its winemaker is an endearing guy with an extraordinary culture

This time we are going with the winebus to Pago de los Capellanes, in Pedrosa de Duero, so named because the Chaplains offered masses and prayers in exchange for small plots of land. The winery is a new-style winery. It was built in 1996, and it is part of the natural landscape that surrounds it.

On Saturday February we go to Bodegas Comenge and Peñafiel. This is a winery that we visited not long ago. At this time we noticed how much they care about wine tourism, They do it  as few wineries do in the whole Spain. This winery is located in Curiel de Duero, just  3 miles from Peñafiel. We