Tool to graft an American foot in an European vine to protect it against the phylloxera. It’s funny when you visit a winery repeatedly and you think you know everything, but it’s not true. What you see in the image is a tool that was used to graft an American foot in an European vineyard.

Going in the fast speed train at 300 km per hour.  Spain is more beautiful with a glass of wine in hand. And moving around in AVE. Spain is beautiful. For a thousand reasons. Every country is a consequence of many factors that make it attractive. I would say Spain is one of the most

Visiting roman monuments like a beautiful picture of Segovia and it’s Roman Aqueduct Ribera del Duero is not only wine. This picture is on the Centre of Interpretation of The Aqueduct of Segovia. This is a picture that is so impressive that it is worth to go to the Centre of Interpretation of the  Aqueduct

Proposal for Saint Valentine´s Day Is anything more romantic than taking your partner to a wine tour for Saint Valentine´s Day? Book for 90 euros each. Not long ago a couple came to us saying that they came directly from Venice, and that he, kneeling on the ground, in a gondola, asked her in marriage,

Enjoying our trips with our five senses with a glass of wine in hand. What we do all time is visiting places around Madrid that are worth to be visited. And we do it with one of the most important treasures that Spain has. Its wines. We have beautiful wines and wineries in the north,

What are you looking when visiting a winery? What we offrer is to visit wineries that awake and make you enjoy with your five senses fon any of the following reasons (There can be more): Because They have a beautiful speach. They have a nice facility. The personality of the person who is conducting the

Playing to be medieval knights in a Castle of La Mancha. #everythingisbetterwithaglassofwineinhand Enjoying with your five senses or another way to say the same,.. Allowing to appear the child you have inside. We were visiting a very nice castle of La Mancha and at the same time there was a school with little children to whom

The Valbuena Abbey in the heart of Ribera del Duero There are so many things to do in Ribera del Duero besides drinking amazing good wines!!! For instance to visit the Monasterio de Valbuena (Valbuena Abbey) in the heart of Ribera del Duero, very, very closed to what has been considered the golden mile because