Sunset in the windmills of La Mancha  It is funny how the wine tour of the windmills works. Most of our visitors know about Don Quixote and have quite a nice attitude towards Don Quixote but they do not have very specific expectations. And our goal is that we cover by far those expectations. What

Playing to be medieval knights in a Castle of La Mancha. #everythingisbetterwithaglassofwineinhand Enjoying with your five senses or another way to say the same,.. Allowing to appear the child you have inside. We were visiting a very nice castle of La Mancha and at the same time there was a school with little children to whom

Do not forget to visit Cuenca. The visit could be a very nice experience. Have you been in Cuenca? (100 miles from Madrid). It is a wonderful town at day but if you see it at night it converts into a fairy tale town. It is nice to see its wonderful landscape. But it is even

Sunset in Consuegra We love sunsets, we love sunsets from old castles. We love drinking wine watching a beautiful sunset from a beautiful castle with a beautiful story behind (a story of the wine, a story of the castle, a story of the región).  Look at this picture. There is there something to tell you

The history of the castle of Belmonte Around Madrid there are two communities called Castilla La Mancha and Castilla y León. Castilla comes from castle. Castle means medieval but in both places there is plenty of good wine and also plenty of medieval reminiscences. You can find stuff like that, and in our case, the

Day in Trujillo in the Bodegas Habla View of the square of Trujillo, Extremadura, a true medieval town. This is one of the places you have to visit if you say you know a little about Spain and its tresors. On the sixteenth century from this town many people went to America to find glory

Windmills of Don Quixote or gondolas in Venice Two American visitors said to me that before coming to the windmills, they were just coming from becoming engaged in Venice in a gondola in a channel of Venecia and with a gondolier singing a beautiful song for them. I said to them. ‘This is very, very