It comes from Going in the fast speed train at 300 km per hour. The high-speed train makes Spain much more attractive. Spain was already enormely attractive. At this moment being able to travel by high-speed train makes this country something even more attractive. We began to know what a train of these characteristics supposed in

Recommendations for getting into a Spanish Parador If I were a foreigner that has come a few times to Spain. I would consider to use the network of Paradores Nacionales to use them as hotels during you time in Spain. And I would do that for many reasons 1 Because they all located in towns

Do not forget to visit Cuenca. The visit could be a very nice experience. Have you been in Cuenca? (100 miles from Madrid). It is a wonderful town at day but if you see it at night it converts into a fairy tale town. It is nice to see its wonderful landscape. But it is even

Controlling the temperatures of fermentations, you can make the good wine Somebody said that modern wine making is the art of controlling temperatures. When you are in front of a good wine and with the wine maker you disagree with such a simple definition. That is why I do no get tired of visiting wineries

You might be looking at this magnificent landscape. You would enjoy it in any case. But what happens if you do it with a glass of wine in hand? It just happens that instead of looking at it for just one minute you can be looking and not saying a word for 10 minutes and

Storytelling and wine, a beautiful pairing I always say that there are two sectors in which the storytelling is more apreciated. 1) The movies. In the movies they can tell you very nice stories and they have even contests like Hollywood, and you can findand listen to pretty stories.2) The sector of wine and visiting

Restaurant in the heart of Ribera del Duero If you ever go to Ribera del Duero, you should never forget that besides wine there is a very attractive gastronomy and beautiful restaurants very well decorated like this one which is an old watermill in which you can have one of the best roasted lambs of

Windmills of Don Quixote or gondolas in Venice Two American visitors said to me that before coming to the windmills, they were just coming from becoming engaged in Venice in a gondola in a channel of Venecia and with a gondolier singing a beautiful song for them. I said to them. ‘This is very, very