The Spanish Empire in the 16th century I am a wine lover. I am a wine lover who is passionate about history. I love receiving foreigners and telling them my own version about the history of Spain and the history of wine in Spain. I have the feeling of assembling a huge puzzle that never

If you are in Madrid, come to Chinchón to have a wine. Chinchón is a city very, very close city to Madrid, with an impresive wine tradition. Chichón has many attractions. One of them is that its main square is one of the most attractive squares in the whole Spain. The Main Square (Plaza Mayor)

Where I come from My experience with wine does not begin in my youth. It is a hobby that I acquired much later. Actually, when I started all this, it was because I didn’t want to get lost as the world changed with the irruption of new technologies. I was really looking to get on

Neil Amstrong was in Ribera del Duero 50 years ago We are in July 2019. In 1969, many things happened. It was a busy year, or so it is seen in the distance. But we want to focus on something very specific. We commemorate at this moment the supposed moon landing of Neil Armstrong. This

Fortunate with our experiences We are lucky guys. A long tiime ago at a conference I was told that we should look for work in something that we were passionate about. And I, who worked in marketing and sales departments of multinationals at that time. I said that ok. But that work was work. That

The wonders of our country I am very fortunate to have been born in this country and I can have seen the windmills of La Mancha. Probably you have read the book of don Quijote or simply you know what it is about. When  I was 10 or 12 years old they made me to

Tours with story I am a lucky man. I’ve always liked history. I remember since I was a kid reading until my eyes closed on the tired bed. And yet I read more pages. I woke up the next morning with a book in my chest. I have also been lucky that the world of

On Sunday 9 we go to the second wine fair of Sotillo de la Ribera. On the Winebus we are making wine tours since a long time. And also from a long time ago we are looking for activities that can be attractive for our clients. And we have the luck to enjoy with the