Tool to graft an American foot in an European vine to protect it against the phylloxera. It’s funny when you visit a winery repeatedly and you think you know everything, but it’s not true. What you see in the image is a tool that was used to graft an American foot in an European vineyard.

Ribera del Duero is not only wine When we begun to our Madrid wine tours we were trying to do many things on the day. One of the things we were not paying enough importance was to have a beautiful lunch. We considered that if we were in a wine tour the important thing was

Statue of Dulcinea looking at Don Quixote and Sancho Panza in the Windmills of la Mota del Cuervo. We know that Don Quixote was in love with Dulcinea. But … What did Dulcinea feel for Don Quixote? Look at this picture and imagine what goes through Dulcinea’s head when she looks at the famous Knight

One of the reasons for coming for holidays to Spain: the castles. One is that you are coming to a place where there are two regions that are called Castilla, Castilla y León and Castilla La Mancha. Castilla means castillo, means castle. There are plenty of castles around Madrid.  We try to visit many of

Visiting wineries is like the universe. It is infinite. You might think you have seen everything when you have visited some of them. But there is always a new surprise. Somebody has found a new way of doing something. On this actual world is important you are doing things some other way from your competitors.

Visiting a Parador Nacional is an experience out of the ordinary. If you have not done it yet, I recommend you do it at the first opportunity you have. The invention of the Paradores Nacionales is a genius idea that makes of the whole Spain a much more attractive offer. The first Parador dates from

Talking with a sheperd can be also a beautiful experience. When somebody goes to Ribera del Duero is expecting to visit beautiful wineries, drink nice wines and listen to attractive speachs, but it is not so usual that you find in the middle of the road a big group of sheeps. In the wine sector

A castle, a nice story to listen, a visit to a winery. Being with the right place in the right time swith the right people. But if we also add a sunset and and enjoyng all that with a glass of good wine in hand. That is the heaven for me. Maybe you see in