Recommendations for getting into a Spanish Parador If I were a foreigner that has come a few times to Spain. I would consider to use the network of Paradores Nacionales to use them as hotels during you time in Spain. And I would do that for many reasons 1 Because they all located in towns

The best moment for visiting wineries is always the present. This is one of the questions they make me more often. Then, before answering I think on what season we are. And if we are in Springtime as we are now. Y say in few seconds. “The best season is Springtime”. Have you seen the

Visiting roman monuments like a beautiful picture of Segovia and it’s Roman Aqueduct Ribera del Duero is not only wine. This picture is on the Centre of Interpretation of The Aqueduct of Segovia. This is a picture that is so impressive that it is worth to go to the Centre of Interpretation of the  Aqueduct

It comes from An old winery or a modern winery. When I visit a winery I do not tell the winemaker what to do. I have learned this is not a good approach. The winemakers do what they feel like. It is his house and not mine. What I am looking from them is that they

It comes from What is the best of a Wine tour? (1) Cheap flights, Tripadvisor reviews and Airbnb have changed the name of the game in tourism. And you have direct and cheaper flights, so your decision of flying could be of making much shorter travels and several a year. That is making a huge increase

I live among castles.  We live in a country with beautiful wines. I live in a town called Madrid that is at the north of Castilla (castle) La Mancha and at the south of Castilla (castle) y Leon. And I try if I can to visit or look at those castles with a glass of wine

Playing to be medieval knights in a Castle of La Mancha. #everythingisbetterwithaglassofwineinhand Enjoying with your five senses or another way to say the same,.. Allowing to appear the child you have inside. We were visiting a very nice castle of La Mancha and at the same time there was a school with little children to whom

A castle, a nice story to listen, a visit to a winery. Being with the right place in the right time swith the right people. But if we also add a sunset and and enjoyng all that with a glass of good wine in hand. That is the heaven for me. Maybe you see in